This page is stocked with FREE sheet Music for anyone to be introduced to the arrangements, compositions, and educational stylings of Jason Davis in print format. There are many more songs that will be added, so check back every month for more files. You can perform and use these charts for your band. Just use my contact info to let me know. These books are free and unedited, feel free to jazz things up, but always credit the original artist. If you want to use anything here for commercial use, we can work out something simple. Thanks and feel free to DONATE.


Cozumel (BIG BAND) This is a Big Band arrangement of my song called "Cozumel". Anyone is welcome to perform this song for educational use. Please let me know if you play it. I'd like to hear it or even come out to teach it in a music clinic. 2.6 MB
Stage Band South Theme (BIG BAND) This is an original Big Band Chart by Jason Davis. It is fun and challenging. Most of all, it gets FUNKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2.09 MB
Four Walls (BIG BAND) Written by Linny Nance. Arranged for Big Band by Jason Davis and Derek Bullock. Linny is a great Jazz musician from Dallas who donated this song for our big band. Contact Linny Nance if you want to go commercial with this. Enjoy! 2.43 MB
Jason Davis Real Book A book of Patterns and Original Compositions based upon them. 5.07 MB
Jason Davis Improvisation Work Book This book is for practicing the Saxophone but can be used for all instruments. It contains musical ideas and etudes. 7.27 MB